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Property Videos... So how does this all work?

When you contact us we’ll organise a date and time for filming. Before the camera rolls, we take a quick tour with the agent and vendor to determine the key areas to be filmed. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you get the shots you want. An average size property can normally then be filmed in about 90 minutes.

What is the difference between a Virtual View tour and a 360° panoramic image?

A 360° ‘fish-eye’ image of a room is fine as far as it goes, but it can only see from one perspective. A video can pan and zoom moving images from different angles, highlighting features and giving far greater depth. Picture quality is also much better, using professional cameras and tripods. See an example of a property tour on Virtual TV.

Filming is done, what happens next?

We feed the rushes into our editing suite and start the creative process. A copy of the edited video will be available to view within two working days. Any changes can be made at this point before final approval is given. We will endeavour to re-edit from what has been filmed, although if further filming is needed there will be an additional charge. Find out what a Virtual View property tour includes.

How will our buyers see the video?

It will be made available to you in an online format which can either be streamed on your website or hosted by us. You will also receive DVD copies which can be given to interested parties. In addition, we upload videos to YouTube and Facebook allowing the vendor to share and spread the word as well.

What about set up costs?

Nothing. We don't charge a penny for set up, why would we? And we don't believe in tying our clients into long contracts. You simply pay for our services as you go. No long contracts, no hidden charges and all our prices are clearly outline from the start.

What does this mean for my brand?

Video will put you at the forefront of online marketing. We can bring your brand identity to life, complementing existing designs and logos with captions and DVD menus. Discover how video marketing can help sell your properties.

This all costs the earth, right?

You’ll be surprised. A Virtual View video costs much less than a HIP ever did and is far more useful. It’s a marketing tool your vendors will love.

I love the idea but does video actually work?


Our videos have secured buyers for ordinary homes that have been on the market for several months.

Enabled vendors to reach and sometimes exceed their sale price by using video to make their property stand out from the competition.

Attracted interest from outside the immediate and traditional marketing areas, resulting in sales to buyers hundreds of miles away and even overseas.

To discuss how Virtual View can help increase interest in your estate agency please email or call 01379 642657.